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Janelle Suzanne

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10 Essential Elements Of A High-Converting Homepage

Wednesday, October 12 @ 11:30 CT / 12:30 ET
with Janelle Suzanne, Content Lead • Louder Agency


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Darrel Girardier

June 2022

Learn To Evaluate Your Major Sundays

Darrel Girardier
Communications Director
Brentwood Baptist Church

Frank Ramirez

July 2022

Livestream Sundays With Confidence

Frank Ramirez
Cine Account Specialist

Carl Barnhill

August 2022

How to Revise Your Work Without Losing Your Soul

Carl Barnhill
Creative Director Twelve:Thirty Media

Sully Sullivan

September 2022

Create Flexible & Editable Text With Tons of Style

Sully Sullivan
Creative Director LifePoint Church

Janelle Suzanne

October 2022

10 Essential Elements Of A High-Converting Homepage

Janelle Suzanne
Content Lead
Louder Agency

Additional sessions will be added

Group 657

Thankful for leaders that value and pour into creatives in the church. Thank y’all for the helpful webinar. It was very thought-provoking.

Koby Dickenson • Creative Pastor

Janelle’s session… was the single most practical, helpful thing in my year.

Kelsey D. • Creative Director

I found myself reassured and more confident in what I had to say to my team. I focused a lot on empowering my volunteers, helping them realize they are leaders behind their lens/board/computer and helping them begin to figure out their "why" in light of the team's "why."

Rachel S. • Director of Production & IT

Salt was essential in reminding me why I love to do what I do and helping prevent burnout.

Jessie W. • Minister of Technical Arts

While we do many things well, these ideas helped me realize that we should not settle for the quality that we currently have. Always looking to improve how we communicate our story and God's narrative should be at the front of our creative team's mind. So we have a renewed purpose and vision, with excitement to discover how we can share the creative arts with our congregation.

Mark H.

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